26/10/2005: Tous fichés, surveillés, écoutés, filmés, recensés, espionnés, en EURO-DICTATURE capitaliste ! Avec l’ aide des partis « démocratiques » intégrés au système.

Tous fichés, surveillés, écoutés, filmés, recensés, espionnés, en EURO-DICTATURE capitaliste !  Avec l’ aide des partis « démocratiques » intégrés au système. La fascisation européene est aussi en cours …


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De : Sayno
Date : 10/26/05 22:48:46
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Sujet : [Aeisp-activists] Data retention is no solution

English text below.
Près de 55.000 personnes ont déjà signé la pétition contre le projet des
Ministres de la Justice européens de ficher les données téléphoniques et
de traffic internet des  450 millions d’européens.
Il semble que cette pétition soit surtout diffusée aux Pays-Bas, en
Allemagne et en Finlande…
A nous de tenter de la faire connaître aussi en France et en Belgique.
Pour signer :
Le site de l’EDRI (Digital Civil Rights in Europe) :
Le site de la campagne ICAMS :
Le site de la toute nouvelle organisation ECLN :
Data retention is no solution!
The European ministers of Justice and the European Commission want to
keep all telephone and internet traffic data of all 450 million
Europeans. If you are concerned about this plan, please sign the petition.
What’s wrong with data retention? The proposal to retain traffic data
will reveal who has been calling and e-mailing whom, what websites
people have visited and even where they were with their mobile phones.
Telephone companies and internet services providers would be ordered to
store all traffic data of their customers. Police and intelligence
agencies in Europe would be granted access the traffic data. Various,
competing proposals in Brussels mention retention periods from 6 months
up to four years.
Data retention is an invasive tool that interferes with the private
lives of all 450 million people in the European Union. Data retention is
a policy that expands powers of surveillance in an unprecedented manner.
It simultaneously revokes many of the safeguards in European human
rights instruments, such as the Data Protection Directives and the
European Convention on Human Rights.
Data retention means that governments may interfere with your private
life and private communications regardless if you are suspected of a
crime or not.
Data retention is not a solution to terrorism and crime!
In July 2005 the European Parliament adopted a report by Parliament
member Alexander Alvaro on the mandatory data retention plan. The report
concludes that the proposal is disproportionate. The report also
questions the necessity, effectiveness and high costs for industry and
telecommunication users.
No research has been conducted anywhere in Europe that supports the need
and necessity of creating such a large-scale database containing such
sensitive data for the purpose of fighting crime and terrorism.
The attacks on London are an attack on human rights. The protection of
those human rights matters most when governments and societies face
times of crisis. The worst possible response would be to jeopardise
those carefully wrought rights by a panic-inspired response. A mass
surveillance response to terror would result in a resounding success for
the perpetrators of these attacks: a fundamental undermining of our most
fundamental values.
What can you do to stop this plan?
If you are concerned about the European plans for data retention, please
sign the petition and alert as many people as you can to support this
The signatures will be sent to the European Commission and the European
Aeisp-activists mailing list

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